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* Improve documentation for MATCHING-DEFUN, add the macros MATCHING-LABELS and ...HEADmasterMatthias Benkard2007-09-053-61/+250
* Add MATCHING-DEFUN, a convenience wrapper around DEFUN and UNIFY:MATCH-CASE.Matthias Benkard2007-09-054-7/+171
* Add the currying macro FN*.Matthias Benkard2007-07-123-37/+61
* Unit tests: stylistic improvements.Matthias Benkard2007-07-121-9/+9
* Fix COLLECT-LAMBDA-ARGS.Matthias Benkard2007-07-123-38/+29
* Refactoring.Matthias Benkard2007-07-121-38/+45
* Add unit tests.Matthias Benkard2007-07-122-0/+70
* Change the FN syntax from (FN FUNCTION-NAME ...) to (FN FUNCTION ...).Matthias Benkard2007-07-122-23/+36
* A nicer way of writing LAMBDA forms.Matthias Benkard2007-06-282-0/+176