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masterUpdate to Xcode 4.6. Further update to LLVM 3.2.Matthias Andreas Benkard9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2013-03-29Update to Xcode 4.6. Further update to LLVM 3.2.HEADmasterMatthias Andreas Benkard13-167/+529
2013-03-29Update to LLVM 3.2.Matthias Andreas Benkard2-11/+11
2011-09-12LLVM: Make the LLVM IR interpreter able to call built-in functions.Matthias Andreas Benkard2-3/+28
2011-09-12LLVM: Call built-in functions as statically dispatched C library functions.Matthias Andreas Benkard3-155/+194
2011-09-10Fix various LLVM version-related bugs.Matthias Andreas Benkard4-51/+101
2011-09-10Add a couple of debugging statements, update build configuration, fix some mi...Matthias Andreas Benkard4-394/+132
2011-09-10Fix endianness flakiness in string streams.Matthias Andreas Benkard1-2/+9
2011-09-09Update GNUmakefile.Matthias Andreas Benkard1-2/+2
2011-09-09LLVM: Ensure that JIT and native target code is linked into the executable.Matthias Andreas Benkard1-2/+5
2011-09-09Perform all thread-specific initialization in MLKLLVMCompiler#+initialize.Matthias Andreas Benkard4-177/+257