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* Merge the R6RS branch.HEADmasterMatthias Andreas Benkard2011-06-254-332/+479
| * Minor cleanups.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-06-231-3/+0
| * Do not activate a section for null? contexts.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-06-231-1/+1
| * Add some documentation.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-06-232-0/+112
| * Remove json-template.rkt.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-06-231-370/+0
| * Change file extension from .rkt to .s6l.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-06-231-0/+370
| * Remove Racket-isms.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-06-231-28/+14
| * Translate the code to R6RS.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-06-231-159/+211
* Comment the example code out.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-06-211-1/+1
* Factor flip-flop-map out of classify-chunks.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-06-211-10/+15
* Significantly simplify the lexing phase by using a more functional code style.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-06-211-81/+35
* Add file .hgeol.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-06-211-0/+4
* Use a here-doc for the example template.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-06-211-2/+3
* Wrap templates in a struct type.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-06-211-3/+7
* Improve dictionary resolution efficiency a bit.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-06-161-3/+4
* Support arbitrary <dict?> objects as parameter input.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-06-161-21/+13
* Initial commit.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-06-161-0/+375