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* README.markdown: Note the dependency on YUI 3.x.HEADmasterMatthias Andreas Benkard2009-04-111-0/+7
* Replace the INSTALL file with README.markdown.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-04-112-44/+32
* Apply the Eclipse Public License, version 1.0.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-061-0/+231
* Add Yahoo! UI Library 3 as a submodule.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-062-0/+3
* Show feed entries using JavaScript if possible.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-063-5/+70
* Serve flat files as a fallback when no other rule applies.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-061-2/+2
* Split header.st into header_start.st and header_end.st.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-063-11/+27
* Don't raise an exception when there is no content to display for a given entry.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-012-11/+16
* Defensively escape XML text.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-011-1/+3
* Update variable web-vars according to the current Compojure version.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-011-2/+2
* Defensively escape href and src attributes.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-011-1/+9
* On the entry list, actually obey the user's request and show the appropriate ...Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-011-4/+5
* Output entry content as HTML code.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-011-4/+33
* Add entry content viewing to the main page.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-012-4/+111
* Make the main page show correctly again.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-011-3/+5
* Add Emacs mode markers to all templates.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-013-1/+20
* Highlight the currently displayed feed on the feed list.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-013-5/+17
* Fix a couple of minor bugs.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-011-3/+8
* Apply a column-based layout to the main page via CSS.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-014-4/+62
* Add a unified feed/entry list view and make it the default page.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-03-012-49/+91
* Improve code style.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-281-1/+1
* Add macro with-web-vars.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-281-8/+25
* Redirect to requested page after login.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-281-12/+8
* Fix type hints.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-241-3/+4
* Fix indentation.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-231-19/+19
* Remove obsolete file Geniface.java.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-231-136/+0
* simple-entry-list.st: Fix page title.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-231-1/+1
* Order feed and entry lists explicitely.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-231-3/+9
* Use templates wherever possible.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-233-47/+59
* Use a template for OPML generation.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-232-21/+13
* Replace HTML comments with StringTemplate comments in templates.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-234-8/+8
* login.st: Simplify.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-231-16/+16
* Reformat code.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-231-56/+67
* Fix with-session.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-231-5/+2
* Update sample database content.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-231-1/+11
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh://matthias@uxul.org:63332/home/matthias/public_h...Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-234-16/+263
| * Elementary Methods for showing Per-User Feed- and Entry-Listschristoph2009-02-232-57/+66
| * Just an experiment.christoph2009-02-221-0/+136
| * Adding an OPML-Export /feedlist.opml which is session-aware.christoph2009-02-213-9/+100
| * Made the login work. Added an elementary feed-list.christoph2009-02-201-3/+14
* | Split the web page template into reusable parts.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-233-12/+30
* | Fix indentation.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-231-5/+5
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh://schoppenhauer@uxul.org:63332/home/matthias/pub...christoph2009-02-201-4/+0
| * Merge branch 'master' of ssh://schoppenhauer@uxul.org:63332/home/matthias/pub...christoph2009-02-202-31/+32
| |\
* | \ Merge branch 'master' of ssh://schoppenhauer@uxul.org:63332/home/matthias/pub...christoph2009-02-202-31/+32
|\ \ \ | |/ / |/| / | |/
| * Add a URI parameter for invalid log-ins so that an error message can be displ...Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-201-1/+1
| * Add beginnings of log-in handling.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-201-4/+20
* | Funktionen zum Login, Loginseite erstelltchristoph2009-02-202-11/+45
* subscribe-to-feed: Minor stylistic improvements.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-201-4/+1
* subscribe-to-feed: Stylistic improvements.Matthias Andreas Benkard2009-02-201-28/+21