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* Fix handling of NIL values.HEADmasterMatthias Andreas Benkard2017-05-141-9/+19
* Format NILs as empty strings.Matthias Andreas Benkard2017-05-141-7/+9
* Add class TEMPLATE for improved encapsulation.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-03-191-8/+17
* Support {.alternates with}.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-03-141-30/+43
* Be more lenient regarding non-string and non-list variables.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-03-101-2/+4
* Add “html” and “html-attr-value” formatters.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-03-031-5/+1
* Support compound substitutions (i.e. forms like “a.b.c”).Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-03-021-9/+24
* Rename *TEMPLATE-FILTERS* to *TEMPLATE-FORMATTERS* in accordance with JSON Te...Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-03-021-7/+7
* Look up filters properly.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-03-021-2/+3
* Remove debugging statements.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-03-021-5/+1
* Support context inheritance.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-03-021-11/+24
* Support comments.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-03-021-4/+11
* Permit @ as a variable as well as a section specifier.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-03-021-9/+8
* Skip single newlines after directives.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-03-021-2/+11
* Implement the lexer, parser, and expander for a core subset of JSON Template.Matthias Andreas Benkard2011-03-021-0/+150