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-# aquifer-frontend
+# Aquifer
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+## Summary
+A water consumption tracker running in the browser, written
+with [GHCJS]() and [Reflex FRP]().
+## Usage
+Browse to https://matthias.benkard.de/aquifer/ and make sure to have
+JavaScript enabled.
+Add drinks by clicking the _add drink_ button on the bottom of the
+Track your water consumption by checking the running total on the top
+of the page. For a quick glance at how you're doing, look at the
+color of the top bar. If the background is **red**, you haven't
+approached your daily goal yet. If it is **yellow**, you are well on
+your way to reaching your daily goal. If it is **green**, you're fine
+for today.
+## Implementation notes
+The application is written in Haskell, compiled with [GHCJS](), and
+based on the [Reflex FRP]() library.
+[Reflex FRP]: https://github.com/reflex-frp/reflex
+[GHCJS]: https://github.com/ghcjs/ghcjs